Israeli Defense Ministry Reached Out to US Hackers for ‘Zero Day Exploits'


TIMES OF ISREAL: 2015 Israel Defense Ministry leaked letter strange information on software vulnerabilities described as 'unusual' by some people.

Leaked 2015 letter by the Israeli Defense Ministry to United State hackers and companies who are experts in creating deadly cyber exploits so-called "Zero-Day Exploits" offers a rare peek into how some governments are working to block the increasingly common tools designed to exploit giant tech companies software vulnerabilities. 

The spontaneous letter newly obtained by Motherboard was called “bizarre” by some of its recipients, who said they had no prior contact with the Israeli government.

"The Government of Israel Ministry of Defense (GOIMOD) is engaged in advanced Vulnerabilities Research & Development and zero­-day exploits for use by its law enforcement and security agencies for a wide variety of target platforms and technologies, We are interested in both offensive and defensive cybersecurity contractors focused on vulnerabilities R&D that will enable the GOI-MOD to identify and engage with relevant team and projects." said the letter, reportedly sent by the Israeli consulate in New York.