F-Secure: Intel AMT Flaw Lets Hackers Bypass BIOS and BitLocker Passwords

Intel AMT Vulnerability Let Hackers Bypass BIOS and Bitlocker Passwords
The security issue seems like something lifted straight from IT security officers’ worst nightmares.

F-Secure, a Finnish cybersecurity firm researchers warn about the new attack that will doubtlessly affect billions of laptops globally.

The new Intel AMT security flaw lets hackers acquire full management of laptops in less than 30 seconds. Recently, Intel was rolling out update patches for Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities flaw, F-Secure experts have come across a serious security vulnerability in Intel hardware that allows the attacker to access both individual and corporate laptops remotely.

Harry Sintonen — F-Secure’s Senior Security Consultants
 Harry Sintonen, F-Secure’s Senior Security Consultants
The security firm reported that AMT is no stranger to security weakness, In July 2017 Harry Sintonen, one of F-Secure’s Senior Security Consultants, identified an unsafe and misleading default behaviour within Intel Active Management Technology (AMT).

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